Who will be America’s Favorite HouseGuest?

Sep 10 2013, 01:00 PM by John Powell

By John Powell - GlobalTV.com

Since Big Brother All-Stars, fans have their say over who walks away with the America’s Favourite HouseGuest honours and the $25,000 prize. Not limited to just jury members since the 11th season, Favorite HouseGuest is influenced heavily by the television edit.

Big Brother 15 has been a very tumultuous season. Who has the best chance at becoming America’s Favourite HouseGuest?

Here are our top five picks. Who do you think should win America’s Favourite HouseGuest? Leave your comments and reasons below.

1. Elissa Slater

Elissa MVP

Love her or hate her, Elissa made an impact on the series and on Big Brother viewers. Buoyed by the fan base of her sister Rachel, not engaging in any offensive behaviour in the house like others have done this year and not retaliating when she was being bullied, gives Elissa the best chance at taking home the prize. She may not have played the best game but she played with more integrity than most.

2. Judd Daugherty

Judd MVP

Portrayed as a soft-spoken, naïve country boy, Judd has won over the hearts and minds of many casual fans. While viewers of the live Internet feeds may have seen a different side of him on occasion, like Douglas Addams would say, Judd is “mostly harmless” and hasn’t ruffled too many feathers during his stay.

3. Helen Kim

Helen MVP

Another polarizing figure, Helen’s sometimes patronizing gameplay has rubbed some viewers and HouseGuests the wrong way. Although that could be all blamed on her background in politics, there is no denying Helen does have a good heart and played a very aggressive, conniving game, maybe more than anyone else this season. She may not be perfect but she did give her all.

4. Andy Herren

Andy MVP

As sneaky as a snake in a chicken house, Andy has slithered his way through the competition quite adeptly. Some see him as nothing more than a floater. Some think he is a strategic mastermind. It is not out of the realm of possibility that Andy could be rewarded for all of his scheming behind the scenes.

5. Candice Stewart, Jessie Kowalski

Candice Jessie MVP2

Based on their popularity and charisma alone, Candice and Jessie could have a slim outside chance at winning America’s Favourite HouseGuest. Candice endured vicious attacks based on her background while Jessie was a slow burn who left the house in a dramatic fashion.

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