Who will win Big Brother?

Aug 07 2013, 11:00 PM by John Powell

By John Powell - GlobalTV.com

We are nearing the home stretch of Big Brother 15. While there is still a lot of game to play and lots of twists and turns awaiting the HouseGuests, it is time to evaluate each HouseGuest’s gameplay thus far and rate the odds of them winning the entire season in September. Our picks and thoughts are below. Share yours by leaving a comment.

11. Candice Stewart

Candice Odds

Unless there is a major shift in the house politics, Candice is doomed to leave this week. She has endured a lot in the Big Brother house, comments and insults no one should have to tolerate at any time in their lives. It just comes down to the fact that she has no alliance to support her and therefore cannot secure the votes she needs to stay.

10. Jessie Kowalski

Jessie Odds

Jessie is a case of being too nice for such a cutthroat reality show. Like Candice, she didn’t really form any strong bonds during her time in the Big Brother house and is such an easy out for everyone.

9. Spencer Clawson

Spencer Odds

Being part of the Moving Company crippled any long-term game he could have had. When the alliance imploded and was outed, Spencer had to fall on his sword but that didn’t regain any of the trust he had lost. His choices and moves are very limited.

8. GinaMarie Zimmerman

GM Odds

Outside of the core alliance, GinaMarie could be thought of the biggest threat as far as physical competitions go. She is fairly athletic and due to her pageant background does thrive on competition it seems. It wouldn’t be hard for Helen or Amanda to make a case against keeping GinaMarie around.

7. Aaryn Gries

Aaryn Odds

Guilt by association, her friendship with GinaMarie will sink her game especially when the numbers begin to shrink. Aaryn is quite crafty but there isn’t a whole lot of faith in her due to the lack of remorse for her shockingly ignorant attacks on others in the house.

6. Judd Daugherty

Judd Odds

Friends with everyone but not strongly tied to any one HouseGuest, Judd is playing a very strong social game. The problem is there is nobody watching his back. Once his usefulness is over and his vote no longer matters, the others will send him packing.

5. Elissa Slater

Elissa Odds

Having managed to shake off the target on her back, Elissa is nicely floating through each week staying out of the drama and not appearing as a threat to anyone. Her biggest asset in the final phase could be she is that all-important swing vote against what is left of the Mean Girls Alliance.

4. Helen Kim

Helen Odds

Although a great tactician, Helen has overplayed her hand. Everyone is aware of the danger she poses if she is left in the game for too long. Helen, her influence and her intelligence must go if anyone else stands a chance. You can bet Amanda will spearhead Helen’s eviction.

3. Amanda Zuckerman

Amanda Odds

With such a hostile, selfish and aggressive personality the only saving grace Amanda has is her relationship with McCrae. She starts the fires and he puts them out. He mitigates her awful behaviour. She and McCrae are the most powerful and dedicated force in the house right now.

2. Andy Herren

Andy Odds

The professor is on nobody’s radar. A threat to no one, none of the other players have even thought about targeting him. Jumping back and forth, keeping in everyone’s good graces has worked out well. If everyone keeps looking the other way, he will slide into the finals unscathed.

1. McCrae Olson

Mc Odds

Having not made any enemies and part of the strongest alliance in the house has propelled McCrae forward each and every week. Having to clean up Amanda’s messes has done wonders for him as far as the perception the others have of him. Couple all that with his success at challenges and McCrae has the best chance at present to win Big Brother 15.

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