Talking Jury House with Rachel Reilly - Big Brother 15 - Double Eviction

Aug 08 2013, 04:30 PM by Rachel Reilly


So OMG, who is dying with Gina Marie winning HOH? When GM won, I was very confused and had assumed, like you, that GinaMarie was just kinda hanging out in the mean girls club all summer enjoying the mean girls lounge. Apparently this girl stepped up her game, but the question remains ‘was GM just working hard this week for her highlights or is she going to start working her game?’ Or did GinaMarie know that she would see a picture of Nick in her HOH? How did McCrae lose that competition to Gina Marie? I thought McCrae was channeling his inner Matt Hoffman from Big Brother 12, until he fell.

GM puppy
At this point in the game, the houseguests are almost halfway through the game. They are definitely going crazy because I know I was at this point (when I was in the house). The houseguests are getting ready to go to jury, which means everything they say to each other from hereonin could be a potential jury vote or one for the opponent. It’s time for them to step up their game if they have a shot at winning with the votes. I think this is a good point in the game when the houseguests really need to start forming close personal bonds with all the houseguests (note: I didn’t do this very well. Oops!). The houseguests need to figure out where everyone stands in the house and gauge who is actually on their side. This is also a point in the game when strong alliances can begin to dominate the next half of the game. Think of the brigade in season 12 or Dan & Memphis in season 10 of Big Brother. One can only hope that the houseguests are beginning to re-evaluate their game play and willing to modify their alliances to push themselves further in the game.

This week, GinaMarie nominates - no shocker here, Candice and Jessie. The houseguests find out that the MVP nominee for eviction (voted on by America) is Amanda. We start to really see what the live-feeders were talking about with regards to Amanda’s behavior and her attitude. Yet somehow Amanda is confused as to how people would not like her. The houseguests are all convinced that the MVP is still in the house, but no one can agree for longer than an hour as to who that is. Going into the veto competition the houseguests are still on uber-edge.

OMG! This veto comp. looks hilarious and frogtastic! I couldn’t BELIEVE that Candice and Amanda were having an argument during the veto competition. As a viewer, obviously I’m mega excited to see the drama unfold (especially when it involves Amanda digging her own grave, deeper). As a gamer, I just want Candice to focus, COME ON GIRL, FOCUS! I love that Jessie wins the POV, since her and Amanda got in a huge fight this week. I also wonder if people forgot the strategy in this particular type of competition. You don’t keep trading for the veto, since the last person or second to last person will almost always end up with the POV. Alas, the game worked out almost perfect. Candice is the CUTEST clown ever, Amanda got “snookied,” Judd got $5,000, Spencer with a vacation, Jessie with the veto and GinaMarie gets a cone of shame and totally reminds us of the pups from the movie UP.

mccrae crae
Elissa has been doing well. I’m super proud of her for laying low so she won’t be a target. I wish she would win an HOH already since I’m on the edge of my seat every Thursday! Elissa has a good chance to make it really far in the game if she keeps playing the way she has been lately. As this week is the last week of the MVP, people may begin to run short of reasons to send Elissa home; making it quite possible that any HG sitting next to her on a Thursday night, might just go home. I think at this point in the game, Helen is calling all the shots and is really playing the game. Helen has the house under her control and is making people do what she wants without appearing too demanding. Amanda was doing a good job of putting herself in a similar position, but her attitude has changed and she has now become a target. I think McCrae is in an excellent spot because he has a solid Amanda shield and people are distracted with other people and are forgetting that he’s actually good at the game. My season 12 foe-turned-bestie, Ragan Fox, made a quite possible prediction. Ragan thinks that people are going to target Amanda and nominate McCrae next to her. When McCrae and Amanda are on the block next to each other, the HG’s might actually realize that McCrae is the better player since Amanda can’t win competitions and has no social game. Either way, I can’t wait to watch the drama that is about to unfold tonight.
amanda gets snookied
Tonight at 9.00 et/pt it's double eviction time. It will definitely be an exciting show! Every week in the Big Brother house it gets more intense and this double eviction promises to be super crazy! I’m tuning in three times a week and I’ll be live-feeding it. Tune in because I will be blogging all summer long, right here with you on @Global_TV.

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