Eviction Interview: Nick Uhas - Big Brother 15

Jul 19 2013, 03:00 PM by Lori Harito

nick uhas cast photo

One thing's for sure, Nick Uhas - the Entrepreneur from Ohio -  did not come into the Big Brother game to float or coast.

From day one, he built himself up as a mastermind, a thinker and someone who thought 10  steps ahead. Ultimately that would be his downfall as the houseguests caught on to his wits and uncovered his secret alliance, The Moving Company. A five-boy strong alliance formed in the first few days of the game was not about to go down quietly. And as Nick explains, the paranoia felt by Moving Company member, Spencer, resonated within the group leading to his betrayal and voting Nick out.

Paranoia and showmances undid The Moving Company. But Nick claims he was never going to go against his alliance. He was solid.

Being the second person evicted out of the BB house can't feel good.   "This year with the BB MVP, it really increased the economy of the game. You had to start making moves faster and stronger than ever before. No grace period. Nobody is safe. You had not one but two chances to get backdoored."

He says it was imperative to make alliances early on, but even though it seemed like he was talking to everyone in the house, he says he wasn't involved in a lot of conversations. It was only after Elissa, the BB MVP of the week nominated him, that he started to be involved in a lot of chatter in the house.

The benefit of being part of the MC for Nick was being part of an alliance that was stronger every week as the house got smaller. They had the numbers. "We were in the best position, if Spencer had been true and not so paranoid it would have been a total streamroll."

Spencer got paranoid thinking that the MC  (Howard, McCrae, Jeremy, Nick) weren't as loyal as they were.   " I was extremely loyal and faithful to the moving company. People were on to it but the people who were on to it couldn't really bring people together to tear it down."

GinaMarie saw Nick and latched on to him in a faux/showmance.  Some people wondered if his feelings towards her were true, considering she was mildly obsessed with him. "The original reason I approached GM was so I could enter the Blondetourage. I approached her as just a 'let's hang out' situation."

"It was a fauxmance, but overtime it turned into a showmance." Nick admits at first he was very untrusting of her feelings, but once he realized she had true feelings for him, he became very protective of her.  "I knew that the Moving Company was going to have to move her out – and I didn't want the negative repercussions to hurt her."  He says, in the house you get to know people "turbo-fast."   "You're partnering up with somebody but it's not your true alliance.."  The problem is that overtime you're so undercover  that you being to blur the lines. That's what happened with Amanda and McCrae who started to spend a lot of time together. "What developed was trust and they trusted each other and McCrae began moving away from the MC."

"Yes I was with GM, but my allegiance was ALWAYS to MC."


And all those mementos that GM is holding on to such as Nick's chapstick, hat and shorts?

"Everyone brace themselves for this. I forgot my hat, my chapstick because I didn't think I was leaving. But when it comes to the shorts – those aren't my shorts. She's crying in them, on them. They're not mine."

The BB MVP changed Nick's game immensely this year. "The BB MVP has changed this game so much, much more than any other twist in this game."

The biggest threats in the house right now according to Nick are Helen and Amanda. Helen because she plays it off as being in the house just for the experience as a super fan, but really she's plotting hard. Amanda has a hard and strong game and she's straight up to your face. "She would call me out in a room in front of everyone for being in an all boys


aGM Nick Uhasalliance." But, warns Nick, they definitely have their downfalls. Nick is a fan of Howard and wants to see him win this. "He's a physical threat and can pull through when he needs to." He appreciates Howard for being loyal. "So many people underestimate the loyalty aspect of the game. It's about who's going to have my back in a really sticky situation and i think Howard is going to show that."